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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quiet, quiet

Nothing startling or new to report -- and that's good! Routine and quiet is just fine with me.

My recent heart med adjustment seems to be working much better -- emphasis on seems -- it needs more time before everything is certain.  But at this point, after a week or so of fatigue, my body is adjusting and I'm starting to feel better.  My heart rate isn't lower yet but I think that's just a question of time.  Once we get this dose figured out and make sure my thyroid is where it should be, I'll be in good shape!

It's terrific to feel some energy returning; now I'm able to focus on things like exercise.  On the days it's too hot, I work out inside.  I'm also checking into a local exercise program design for people who have had cancer -- it's co-sponsored by Purdue, where there's a strong cancer research center, and includes awareness of issues that are unique to people who've had cancer.  It might be a really good option for me.  So far, I’ve kept measurable lymphedema at bay, and I plan to keep it so!

So I'm a happy camper, in spite of the hot and muggies, and grateful to be where I am.