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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 24, 2010

Out, damned spot!

Ah, thank you Lady Macbeth (via Shakespeare) for the title to today's post... and the reason for it? The spot on my lung that has been monitored since last fall is gone, gone, gone... yay!   I took a deep breath, said a quiet thanks, and broke into my happy dance.  Finally, no more scheduled tests (well, mammogram in 6 months but that's going to be routine for awhile), no more vague or nebulous things hanging over my head.  I can focus on healing and recovery much more fully now.


I'm currently battling some significant fatigue.  Again. The thyroid meds have helped a little but my heart rate is still much too high and I'm on a third heart med to try to strengthen and slow down my heart.  So far all it's doing is making me feel even more tired but my pharmacist is confident my body will adapt and I'll get past that. I'll give it a little longer; if things don't improve I'm going back to the cardiologist.

Bone and joint aches and pains (from Arimidex) are down some since I upped my vitamin D3.  Let's hope that continues.  Some mornings I walked like an old lady. Painful.

Our weather has gone from pleasant and cool (70's), to suddenly very hot and humid.  Pollen counts are very high for the area and my sinuses are responding with lots of sinus pressure and pain, plus I have swollen glands.  That's OK -- it'll pass -- it's just allergies.

Looks like we're in for a nice Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy, everyone!  and do a little happy dance while you're at it!


PS  Car update:  I Fed-Ex'ed my car title to the salvage company so my car could be released to them and I could receive my insurance payment... the title was delivered and signed for... and lost once it got to the salvage company.  Idiots.  Apparently a stack of FedEx packages vanished that day.  Idiots.  Things will still get settled, but it's more hurry-up-and-wait.  And a warning:  just because you send something with a tracking number and it gets delivered, that STILL doesn't mean it'll end up where it's supposed to!  I credit my insurance company with the way they're handling all this. For me, it's another frustration over an accident that I had no part in causing, but I just take a deep breath and remind myself that it's small stuff.

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