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Thursday, May 6, 2010

When Bad Things Happen to Good Cars


A rather flip expression for a not-very-fun experience.

My cute little Saturn is totaled but I'm OK (still debating a trip to urgent care, but I'm waiting to see how much the bruises and aches develop)*, so that's the important part.

Still, it's making me plenty sad that I've lost my car.

To add to the experience, the driver pulled a hit-and-run, but thanks to three witnesses from three other vehicles, the police quickly caught her.  Of course, she has no insurance, which is why she didn't stick around to begin with.

I'm grateful for my own insurance company, who have been very kind in dealing with me, and were johnny-on-the-spot in getting an appraiser to look at my car within a few hours of my calling the accident in.

I'll see my car one more time, to clean it out, and then I'll have to say goodbye.

In other news, 6-month diagnostic mammogram coming up Monday, so keep me in your thoughts.

Our mild and really enjoyable spring continues with a slight cool down over the next few days.  I could take this kind of weather all year!

That's the news from the flatlands.  Watch out for those T-bones!


*edited Saturday to add:  no bruises or aches, so I skipped the urgent care trip. I went back to the collision center and cleaned out my car; I cried when I saw it.  But, it's only a car... in the overall scheme of things, just a bump in the road (slight joke unintended) :)

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