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Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer of '09 Crash & Burn Tour, August 19 Show

Just a short update on this week:

I did get chemo this week (Treatment 6 of Taxol, 10 of all treatments total -- 5 Taxols to go). There are still are big concerns about my neuropathy -- the next two weeks will tell a lot. I'm on yet more meds (5 scripts, 5 OTC now; for me, that's huge); the latest med is to control the symptoms (but unfortunately not the progression) of the neuropathy. Would be nice to get relief from the pain, especially in my toes. Hurts constantly and sometimes significantly.

Tests showed no gout in my foot, but also no idea of why I have a swollen lump there. To be continued...

My chemo this week was at a 15% reduction from previous chemos. Let's hope that slows down or stops the progression of neuropathy!

No other new news. Taste is still wonky, Taxol still causing some body aches, still have tons of fatigue but at least I know the pattern and when my rest days/better days are, hair is still growing in white and spikey :)

Onward and upward...

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