Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Snow on the Mountaintop

Hair regrowth: spiky and white. In other words, FUN!! I got SO tired of everyone saying, "Oh, your hair will grow back dark and curly!" As if I cared what the regrowth would be (I would and will take whatever I'm given!), and as if they could see the future. Or, maybe not intentionally but still arrogantly, as if their experience would automatically be mine. I always appreciate when people share their experience -- I like to know what others in my position have been through -- but that's all they and I can do. We can't assume that our experience will be someone else's. Because all too often, it isn't! There are many commonalities with others and those bond us -- and the differences are our own wonders and part of the individual journey we go through. My journey, at least at this moment, includes straight white hair!

My hair can still change, of course, and could still fall out from the Taxol, but I have to admit I'm liking it just fine the way it is... and am finding it very amusing! I had no white hair when this started, just some gray mixed in with still mostly brown -- the regrowth is great entertainment!

I'll really like it when there's enough snow to ski on!

Good news: only four treatments left! Woo hoo! It will be nice to put this phase behind me. The Taxol continues to be truly wicked. I continue to move through it.

Everything has its wonders,
even darkness and silence,
and I learn, whatever state I may be in,
therein to be content.

Helen Keller

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