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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Chemo Chemo Day

Neuropathy has progressed too far too fast (mostly in the past week) so I was pulled off Taxol for today; my remaining six doses will be reduced as well. I've been assured this won't affect the outcome.

I did get the Herceptin (which is biological, not chemical, and doesn't have many side effects -- except potential heart damage, of course) (hey, it's got to be something!).

Part of me was relieved to skip Taxol today because, let's face it, I feel pretty darn awful and the pain gets old and I'm starting to limp.

Part of me was frustrated and discouraged to have treatment suspended and reduced.

The swelling on my foot (appeared yesterday) may be new damage related to my old sprain (ankle last spring) but will be watched closely (mostly by me) for redness, pain, more swelling. If it goes away, all's OK. If not, zip! I'll be back at the dr. to be checked for blood clots.

I really can't say I'm having much fun.

Too many straws on this camel's back.

Time to rest.

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