Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Treatment Six, Done!

Six out of sixteen finished. Hurrah!

However, it was an anxiety-ridden day. I won't go into all details but I had a couple of side effects today that caused a lot of concern... one is to be watched but is probably OK. The second warrants a CTscan first thing tomorrow morning to rule out a blood clot in my chest. Again, probably OK, probably just side effects of the whole chemo thing, but still, it's a bit unnerving to have a nurse look at the base of your neck and say, "My, is that swelling normally there?"


At least they're staying on top of things and ruling out worst-case possibilities.

Still.... just when I thought I was free of some of extra stress for a few days, whammo!

Chemo..... still.... SUCKS!


Thursday, testing update:

No blood clots! Hurrah! Steroids to be cut in half (they're in the pre-chemo drip for nausea) to see if that still holds nausea at bay and keeps the swelling from becoming a huge (ha ha, get it, huge, swelling?) problem. Wish me luck!

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