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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, July 31, 2009

Going Under Again

Plummeting again.

Looks like I'll surface for a day or two each week but it seems this is just going to be a rough journey until I get done with chemo. I do get a couple of decent days a week -- one that I spend in the infusion chair and one that I use to do everything I can't do the rest of the week. I enjoy those days completely! but you can see that it means I also have little free time!

I rarely (read: pretty much never) have the emotional or physical energy to answer individual emails in a timely way but they are very much appreciated. I'll reply as I can (about a 2 week delay right now) but because of pain involved in sitting at a computer, email is difficult for me and is way down my priority list. I do try to read personal incoming mail often and am very grateful for all your thoughts and love; I just can't tolerate the pain involved in replying to more than a few emails a week.

If you have routine questions, look here for answers; I'm not likely to email with information that's already posted. Phone calls are easier and always welcome if you're so inclined or if you need immediate information. No exceptions, sorry!

I know you understand!

We are having a mild and lovely summer and it's been wonderful!

For now... good night.

PS I'm always looking for the amusing parts of this experience. The most recent is that my hair is regrowing a little -- stick straight and solid white! Huh?! What can I do but laugh!?

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