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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bedtime for Bonzo

Bonzo being me.

I was in bed and asleep by 6 PM yesterday -- got up at 7:30 (AM, the next day, that is) (with few wake-ups during the night), went to work for an hour, then gave it up and came back for more sleep. This is only slightly longer than the 13 hours I slept one night during my first treatment, so not a huge surprise. I probably could have made it through work but decided not to be a martyr. I'd rather know I'm helping my body, and the work will get made up.

The bedtime, hours before sunset, reminds me of the Robert Louis Stevenson poem, "Bed in Summer," although unlike the child in the poem, I didn't find it hard at all to go to bed by day!

I am seeing some progress; I got out and was a little active this afternoon (if you count taking mom to the grocery store "active"). This is good! An early bedtime predicted for tonight, but still and all, I'm not complaining. Except for fatigue I'm feeling good!

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