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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, Short Update

5 PM
Following the pattern of my previous two treatments, I've gone downhill all weekend and feel, well, crappy, and that's being kind. As expected, this time the side effects are accelerated and worse than the first two times.Nausea is a frequent companion but soda crackers, scrambled eggs, whole grain toast, and some fresh fruit sits well. Go figure. Slept most of the day and am going back to bed now. Sounds pathetic, but there you go -- can't help it -- it's how I feel. Doubtful I will even attempt work tomorrow. Hopefully, as in the past, Monday/Tuesday will be my worst days and then I'll start to see the rebound. Don't want to see this last longer than it needs to!

A special hug to those who called me this weekend to check on me. Even when we didn't directly connect, I was touched by your concern and wrapped in your love. Thank you.

9 AM
Up, somewhat functional, still nauseous but still controllable, a lot more tired than yesterday, and the Neulasta is trying to kick my butt, but I can usually get those pains under control quickly, and it's a lovely day out, so all is well :)

Thank you to those who have checked on me regularly this weekend -- much appreciated! Good to have a hand to hold even if just over the phone for a minute or two. Helps lots.

Now go out and enjoy this day!

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