Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Day three of being really tired. Today was harder than yesterday because I worked all morning, and ran an errand for work (with Mike's help -- thanks for the muscle, Mike! -- but it still wore me down), and then I had to spend the afternoon driving mom to chemo and waiting on that when I would have been better off napping. So I feel like crap tonight, and I'm getting a mouth sore, which hurts, so I'm also cranky, and my WBC is really low again, so I have watch out for sick people (stay away from me this week if you have a cold!), and the Neulasta aches, while not as bad as last time (thank you, generic Claratin!), are making me achy and more irritable... just so you know all the fun I'm having :) I'm headed to bed in about 15 minutes.

OH, GREAT, and our unkind neighbors are burning trash in their fireplace again, so that's making me nauseous now. Great. I probably won't be able to sleep now after all.


I do think my fatigue will improve over the next several days but overall I'm thinking the second treatment is turning out a bit more tiring than the first, so I can't wait for the third and fourth. Ha!

My spirits are good except for crankiness (does that make sense?). And except for the fact that I'm really, really irked at our neighbors. And trying not to cry about it.

I warned you this blog wouldn't be especially well-written. Now you have proof.

(PS, update, about 1/2 hour later: while the smoke smells really nasty and full of chemicals, at least it's not making me nauseous. Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

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