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Friday, May 29, 2009

Crashing Early?

The effects of chemo are cumulative, of course... so I never know exactly what to expect, but today presumably is my steroid-induced energy day. We'll see. The steroids have been messing with my sleep patterns a bit more than usual so yesterday I was really tired and in bed and asleep by 6:30. Today I'm still feeling tired so unless my morning and almost-final dose of steroids kick in soon, I'm going to be sliding right into the fatigue I know I'll have for the next 10 days or so. That's ok --I can respect what my body's telling me and do what it needs. Sleep/rest is my friend! All those little chemo molecules running rampant in my body are chasing the cancer cells out!

One thing I'm really doing, not that I don't do it anyway, but I'm watching it more carefully this time: plenty of water! I'm a big water drinker anyway, but with the chemo I'm taking (and with any chemo, I understand), it's important to stay well-hydrated and flush things out. So I'm staying on top of that. Hopefully it'll keep my blood pressure and pulse more in line, too, and I won't need to go in for saline this time, but time will tell.

My immune system is crashing, too, and I expect throat infections again, but I have the meds for that, and the other important thing is staying away from crowds and people and using common sense so I don't pick up anything that causes other problems... and along those lines...

Really sorry I'll be missing my nephew's wedding this weekend -- I know they'll have a fantastic wedding with or without me, but from a selfish standpoint, I'll miss being there, sharing in the love and joy, missing a big moment in his life, and not being able to be with family and friends. Sending good wishes their way!

Happy weekend, everyone, every where!

edited to add, 2:15 PM:

Yep, crashing early.

This is a day I'm supposed to have steroid energy. I'm sure I"ll be fine but I'm surprised at how awful I feel today. Left work an hour early, came home and crashed for a couple of hours; I'm heading out to the grocery for some comfort food to have on hand, and then I'm holing up for the weekend. I'm dealing with way more fatigue than I usually feel even by Monday, a very very slight headache that comes and goes (probably from the cytoxin), nausea nudging at the edges (but so far controllable). I'm almost too blasted tired to want to stand up.

I heard the third treatment was a doozy, just really didn't expect quite all this much this fast.

I'll be fine. I'll get through it. Just not having much fun! :)

edited again, 4 PM

Took me over an hour to just pick up a few things at the grocery -- sloooow moving! Good news is, I did it! I'm still being nudged by nausea but think part of that may be lack of food in my stomach so I'm going to nibble on a soda cracker and see what that does.

Yeah, this is SO much more fun than going to my nephew's wedding.



Hanging in there...

Oh, and some good news: my ankle, while still swelling some, is way down on the pain. Hurrah! Should be back to normal right about the time I get really tired from the chemo! :)

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