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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Staying in the Pattern

Well, my second treatment's pattern has been fairly true to the first. My rebound started yesterday, right on cue, and today I'm feeling pretty good, so I figure I have 9 days or so of energy before I crash again after the third treatment.

One noticeable difference this time, which didn't hit me until yesterday: I had very few aches and pains from the Neulasta this time. It nudged me a few times but nothing like the first time. I attribute this to the generic Claritin, which I've been on since right before the second treatment. Rumor has it that it helps; my oncologist's office knew nothing about it but said it couldn't hurt to try. I'm sold. I had some minor shoulder aches a time or two but it was much better this time around, so I'll stick with the Claritin.

I'm still having some blood pressure and pulse rate wonkies -- the saline I got Thursday helped, but things are trying to move back up, especially my diastolic. Not good. I go back in tomorrow for a re-check. I've been taking half doses of ativan today to try to keep anxiety down because yesterday I noticed that as the day went on and my pressure went up, I got more and more concerned about it -- which probably made it go up more. Finally got up to 150-160/105-110 and that was too high. So I talked to the doctor on call and we decided to try an ativan and then check bp again in the morning. An hour after I tried half an ativan my bp was back within a more acceptable range. Lends credence to the idea that nerves/anxiety are causing my high blood pressure. Worth looking into more. Meanwhile, I'm listening to quiet music and doing some TM and other forms of meditation.

Family was here today (good to see you all!) for my oldest nephew's graduation from Purdue. Perfect day, nice, relaxed time together, and a big milestone for my nephew. Nice to have everyone around.

We had some more torrential downpours (Friday night) so Celery Bog paths are like walking in soup. I'm hoping they drain/dry out some today; I'll try again tomorrow. Got a better wrap for my ankle and it seems to be helping a lot when I'm on it. This weather is my idea of perfect: low 60's, cool north breezes, sun. Too bad summer doesn't stay like this! Gotta get out and enjoy it!

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