Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, May 8, 2009

Treatment Two: Done!

Hurray! I'm through the second treatment! It was Wednesday, May 6; went fine and I'm doing OK, so far. I wasn't as tired on Wednesday as I was with the first treatment, so that felt good. Thursday wasn't bad, either; then the steroids prevented me from getting a good night's sleep. So today, Friday, I'm not quite as wired from the steroids as I was last time, but I'm doing OK, energy-wise. I expect to crash tonight or tomorrow and go through several days of fatigue like I did last time. I'm also hoping, like last time, that I have some level of energy rebound, so I can get things done. Any moment of energy I have, I'm using -- and when the fatigue hits, I just listen to my body and get rest.

(edited Friday PM to add:)

The Neulasta aches are catching up with me earlier this time -- durn. Back aches, nothing dire, but a lot sooner than last time. I've already got the generic Claritin going, I'll up the acetaminophen a bit, and hope for the best.

And, PS: ankle is much improved. Still nasty-looking blood pooling and bruising, but walking fairly normally and swelling has gone way down. If I'm not too tired this weekend, I may get some photography in after all!

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