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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ugh update

Woke up at 2 AM, eyes burning, room still smelling of smoke (although the garbage burning had stopped), and feeling nauseous around the edges. Thank you, Unkind Neighbors. Took awhile and 1/4 of an ativan but the nausea finally passed, and the smell is gone this morning. At least a minimal amount of ativan helps.

I was awake a couple of hours, but it was kind of nice -- listened to waves of thunderstorms pass over the area, and to the rain falling gently on the house.

Took another 1/4 ativan this morning to stave off something nibbling at the edges of my stomach. I'm trying to keep extra meds to a minimum, but I'm no martyr. I'd rather feel better!

Another day further away from round 2 -- should see a bit of improvement!

PS I already see this blog evolving a little -- not just information for y'all, but also a diary of sorts for me to remember my progress/problems/meds etc. So bear with and ignore the parts that don't interest you, please!

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