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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Update, Energy Week!

Just the highlights:

Blood pressure is back in the normal range since I've gone on a half-dose of lisinopril. Pulse is still a bit high but acceptable. The adriamycin has my heart working harder than it normally would so the meds seem necessary to keep things under control. I'm halfway through the adriamycin/cytoxin treatment -- will be glad when I'm past all that. I can take most of the side effects but don't like what it's doing to my heart.

I'm off ativan for now. After I got past the anxiety over my heart wonkies, I didn't need it, and prefer not to take it anyway, so that was an easy decision. It's there if I feel the need but I'm doing well without it.

Energy is great! Hurrah! Happy dance! I'm getting caught up on chores and errands and hope to get caught up on email before I get zapped again next week. During my energy periods I feel so good it's hard to believe I have cancer. In fact, for the last several months (including before my diagnosis, and with the exception of the chemo down-times), I feel better than I have in ages. Doesn't make sense, but I'm not complaining!

(free web photo)

Ankle still has some slight swelling and isn't letting me walk overly much, but I can get out in the woods for slow strolls, and that feels wonderful.

Weather has gone from pleasant spring temps to humid and hot. Ugh. Well, it is Indiana -- I'm glad we didn't get this a month earlier!

That's it from the flatlands!

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