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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yep, Crashing Early!

4:30 PM
Nausea is rolling in on regular waves but fortunately very mild and very controllable -- usually a soda cracker calms my stomach down and I've only done one-half an ativan today. Foods that appeal don't go with stomach upset, which is weird (chicken, rice, ugh; Mexican, sounds yummy!). But I'm eating mild and bland to be on the safe side. One ativan tonight before bed for sure!

Wobblies/weakness hanging in there but I'm OK. Headaches gone -- hurrah! -- either a side effect of the cytoxin or maybe the ativan, although the cytoxin is the more likely culprit.

Vitals good.

Sorry for all the details most readers probably aren't interested in, but this is helping me keep a journal of my reactions for future reference. Skim or ignore as you need!

11:oo AM
Up, wobbly, weak, keeping nausea under control, still dealing with slight headaches. Able to sit/lie down and read or rest but moving around more than to go to the bathroom is tiring. At least I have enough energy between naps to read or sit at the computer for a few minutes. Might watch a DVD if I think I can stay awake that long :) Lovely day out, a bit cloudy but not to warm or humid.

6:00 AM
The steroids messed with me just enough to keep my sleep patterns off and wake me up at odd hours; in spite of getting in what seems like plenty of sleep at times, I'm not getting physical energy from the steroids, so I'm officially crashed. Way more tired than I've experienced this early the last two times, but of course the cumulative effects would cause that. A bit wobbly on the legs, too, but my vitals are all normal and as long as I rest I'm OK. I'm taking preemptive anti-nausea meds because I'm having frequent enough nudges from my stomach that I don't want to wait until I'm actually nauseous and having to hold things back or worse. Not into that much self-punishment! Other than that, I'm doing OK. Since I'm alone for a few days I have a couple of friends calling from time to time (thank you!) to make sure I haven't sprained my ankle again :) Not sure it's necessary but it is comforting. No one in the neighborhood would think anything of it if they didn't see me emerge for a day or two.

Happy wedding day, G&K!!!! I know you aren't reading this today of all days but my thoughts are with you anyway!
For me... back to bed!

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