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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A/C Treatment 3, Day 6

5 PM

Sorta progress: I took out my trash all the way to the garage and didn't feel like I had to lean on the wall all the way! Woo hoo! I think that might be good news. Sitting and reading, etc., even feels a little better -- until this afternoon, it did feel like a challenge, but now it's more like something I can enjoy for short periods of time. Hurrah!

Sorta not progress: appetite is gone, gone, gone. Not nausea so much as food has just totally lost its appeal and the idea of putting anything into my stomach is somewhat to very repulsive. Before this afternoon I was somewhat interested in food, just varied in my ability to tolerate it. Now my stomach says no!

At least I was able to eat some chicken broth and soda crackers earlier.

This, too, shall pass... and I'll be back kickin' in no time! (Hey, the spirit is mostly strong, even if the flesh is taking a break for a few days!).

AM Report:

Side effects for today:

Nausea (yep, it's back!) & no appetite (-8 pounds since last Wed.)
Physical fatigue & weakness
Throat infection (from lowered blood counts)
Mild muscle aches throughout body, back spasms
Some coughing

As unpleasant as those are, I know they'll pass. What bothers me most is the damage the adriamycin causes to my heart muscle. Very scary.

Last night we were treated to tornado warnings and about 6-7 hours of thunderstorms. Didn't help with sleep much but it finally died down after midnight some time.

Planned to try work today but getting up the stairs is still difficult (not to mention, nausea makes me want to stay low and quiet!) so I guess I'll give myself one more day off. Energy should start coming back soon!

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