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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fool Me Four Times: I'm an Idiot

OK, loyal readers :)

Remember when I said I wouldn't be fooled again? I learned my lesson! I knew what was what! No more surprises!

Yeah, right.

Woke up today feeling pretty darn good, all things considered. Way less dizziness, no nausea, felt like I could go to work and be just fine!

Then, as before, I did a few quiet things, wrote an email. Stood up...

Major dizziness. Weak and wobbly.

Quick blood pressure check: 85/67. (And no, I haven't been taking my high bp meds lately, because it's been too low without them.)

NOT good. And once again, after thinking I'm OK, I feel like crap.

I'm going to work (at least I'll be out of the heat that way) and will wait for the dr.'s office to call me back.

I want to yell and cry and laugh (all of which I did, after calling a friend... thanks for listening, friend!!) :)

Yep, fool me four times. Shame on me.

PM update:

One liter of saline and an Aranesp shot (for low hemoglobin) (that was already scheduled for today) later, I'm still feeling like crap, but at least I feel like fortified crap :)

Oh, and I'm officially off my blood pressure meds. Considering I'm running 100/75 I think I'm good for now. When this chemo wears off my bp may go back up but I certainly don't need any help lowering it right now!

This is one night when I really would have given a lot to not have to fix my own dinner. Usually if I feel bad, I'm not hungry anyway, and making a piece of toast is easy. And when I'm feeling OK, I don't mind fixing dinner. But tonight I had enough of an appetite to want to eat something, but no energy to want to fix it. Salad it was -- got something in my stomach, anyway.

I did treat myself to a home-brewed glass of iced tea. I know I'm supposed to avoid caffeine most of the time but I decided this could be my exception for the week! And it tastes heavenly. Small pleasures... I'll take 'em!

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