Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, June 5, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Woke up this morning with the robins and felt... OK! It was early so I took my time getting going, enjoyed the cool air and the early morning bird song.

About the time I started getting ready for work, guess what.

Lightheaded again. And the leg wobbles, which were gone after several days of weakness, are back.

I'm not as bad as Wednesday, but still, not good, and my blood pressure is low at a time when it's normally a bit on the high side (first thing in the AM before I take my bp pill). So, at 9 I'll call the dr. and probably go back for more saline.

Meanwhile, I'll head to work. I worked yesterday and paid the price the rest of the day, and perhaps that's why I'm feeling lightheaded again today, so maybe I should be staying home, but I can't afford to miss any more hours than I've already missed this week. I'll move slowly, won't run up and down the stairs any more than I have to, and will stay seated at my computer as much as I can.

Overall, though, I see a trend in the right direction, and have very strong hopes to get out for a walk this weekend! My ankle is about 98% healed so I'm ready to give it a good test!

Just waiting for the rest of my body to agree.

PM update:

a tad dehydrated, hemoglobin is pretty low, and the dr.'s office hinted that perhaps I'm "doing too much." Yeah, working all of 6 hours this week and resting a lot is definitely overdoing! :) Anyway, got more saline, I'm stable, and just need to give the chemo more time to wear off. Because I guess 10 days wasn't enough this time. So, patience, patience, patience. My mind is ready to rock and roll but my body just isn't there yet.

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