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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crawling Along

My sleep:awake ratio has gone from about 5:1 to 2:1 -- vast improvement! (Or else the heat is keeping me from sleeping -- which probably is part of it!).

Now when I'm able to get up and down the stairs without getting dizzy, I'll feel like I'm looking at the beginning of the end of this last batch of A/C side effects.

A fellow traveler on this journey recently wrote me, "Anyone getting through A/C should get the Purple Heart or the Congressional Medal of Honor..I went through it and I do believe it was like crossing through into the bowels of hell..."

I wouldn't say it's quite that bad, but it's sure not fun, and I'm glad the worst of it is nearly behind me.

Thanks to everyone for compassion, contact, etc., etc. All received with a lot of gratitude!

PM Update:
  • 90 in my room at 7:30 PM. Lovely. Should be down in the mid-80's in here around 3 this morning. And yes, I have fans going. I'm not telling how many :) I hate heat. Winter, hurry!
  • I've gone through 96 ounces of water so far today and I'm still getting dehydrated, so I'm sure I'll get saline tomorrow. And that means I'll be in AC for a few hours. Hurrah!
  • Also pretty dizzy. Hate that. Solution: don't move. (yeah, right!)
  • Black is back under my eyes. The "heroin chic" look that we all aspire to :)
This, too, shall pass. Just feeling crappy while I'm waiting for that to happen. But hangin' in there!

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