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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Constant Companion

Fatigue has become my constant companion. Some days I feel semi-lively for about half the day; some days I drag all day. Fortunately, my mind and spirits stay pretty lively most days, even if my body is tired.

All of it is something I can work through, more or less. It's not something that sleep helps, although sometimes resting for a short while (reading, whatever -- just not moving around and not doing anything that requires a lot of concentration or mental energy) helps me get at least a little boost back. Yesterday I just couldn't get energy going and I canceled plans to meet with a friend. But I can at least get up and go to work and that's good!

My biggest complaint about the constant fatigue is that by late afternoon/early evening, when I usually walk, I'm often too tired. Getting out in the woods, in the fresh air, and moving (even if slowly), is something that helps keep me grounded, so it's fairly important to me. Really important to me. And since fatigue is supposed to be a long-term side effect (at least until I'm done with the Taxol and probably for some weeks or months after that ends, or so I'm told), I have to find ways to work with it.

That is, as soon as I get through the next A/C blast! One thing at a time...

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