Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Pardon my French, but gosh darn it!! I woke up this morning and felt... better. Not great, not normal, not even good. But better.

Then I started moving around. Dizziness. Got worse the longer I was up. Blood pressure: about 90/70, pulse around 115. Not good.


Chemo ain't no sugar pill. For those who have asked, here are details on just what these poisons can do to your body: adriamycin and cytoxin.

Have the guts to read those? Not pretty, huh. Not fun to go through, either, let me assure you. And yes, of course they list all possible side effects, and most people only get some.

But you only have to get some to feel like you've been beat down with a brick. And the most common ones are the ones that are really difficult to deal with.

Being in the trenches isn't for sissies.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for my oncologist to call. Probably dehydration, and an hour or two of saline and I'll be better. And yes, I've been trying to drink lots of water, but this happened last time, too (without the dizziness) and dehydration is always something I've been sensitive to.

But it's scary to have the dizziness. The fatigue and nausea, I understood. The dizziness is just scary.

I'll get through it.

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