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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, June 21, 2009

In the Trenches

Down for the time being.

Yesterday wasn't bad but I crashed hard last night. Fatigue gaining on me (slept 16 of the last 19 hours). Nausea controllable, mostly keeping me from eating but that's OK for a few days. Swallowing problem semi-under control so I can keep my fluid intake up. Dizzy, lightheaded, weak. Blood pressure low, so skipping meds today.

My worst days seem to be Sun.-Wed. or so. Hoping to not miss too much work this time around but it's not looking good for tomorrow.

Hot and humid not helping but it could be worse.

When the fatigue hits it's really overwhelming. But I know it's just a question of doing what I can, keeping the dr. informed so they can help where they can, rolling with the punches, and doing what my body tells me it needs.

Which right now is rest, rest, rest. Even when I don't sleep, rest is good.

This will pass, and I'll be on to the next round!

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